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Rewards Debit Card

Simply rewarding.

Use the card. Earn rewards.  A simple and rewarding experience.

Our personal Macatawa Bank Rewards Debit Card comes with our UChoose Rewards® Program*. You can earn reward points for all signature-based credit transactions* using your personal Macatawa Bank Rewards Debit Card. You will earn 1 point for every $2 spent. Points can be redeemed at for thousands of items such as gift cards, merchandise, travel experiences, event tickets - even cash! You earn the rewards. You choose how to use them. Simply spend about two minutes to register your card at and we'll do the rest.

Macatawa Bank Personal Debit Cards

Register here

Your registration allows you to start earning points, and gains you access to the online redemption center.

Register your card

View your points balance

Redeem your rewards.

You can check your reward point balance and they can be redeemed at for millions of items such as gift cards, merchandise, travel experiences, event tickets – even cash! You shop. You earn. You choose. It’s that simple!

Lost or Stolen Debit Cards

To report a lost or stolen debit card, please immediately call: (877) 820-2265. 

Enhanced benefits

Mastercard® is offering enhanced cardholder benefits including Extended Warranty, Price Protection and Satisfaction Guarantee for purchases made with your Macatawa Bank Debit Card.  If you would like to view a complete Terms and Conditions document, please call Mastercard at 1-800-MASTERCARD.  If you would like additional information, please visit the Mastercard website.


Add your Macatawa Bank Debit Card to your digital wallet

You can add your Macatawa Bank Rewards Debit Card to Apple Pay2, Google PayTM 3, and Samsung Pay4 and make mobile payments. Apple/Google/Samsung Pay are a natural fit for your digital wallet. Learn more about making mobile payments and adding your debit card to your digital wallet.

Mobile Payments

MasterCard Automatic Billing Updater Service

Macatawa Bank participates with MasterCard in the Automatic Billing Updater service for our debit card holders. This service allows participating merchants to receive and maintain your debit card information so your automatic payments continue without interruption when you get a replacement debit card. MasterCard will update participating merchants any time your card number and expiration date changes. Examples include online stores, subscription services (like Netflix) and others.

As our cardholder you are automatically opted in to this service

You may opt-out of the MasterCard Automatic Billing Updater Service at any time by emailing or calling us to indicate that you would like to opt-out. If you choose to opt-out of this service, you will need to provide your new card information to participating merchants when there are changes to your card.

EMV chip technology is more secure.  

Your Rewards Debit Card includes EMV chip technology

  • An embedded computer chip in each chip card adds a new layer of security to point-of-sale and ATM transactions when used in chip-enabled card readers. 
  • These cards help protect cardholders and merchants from fraud because the chip gives every transaction a unique code that can’t be used again. That protects against card counterfeiting and makes stolen transaction data virtually useless to crooks that try to use the data to make fake cards or purchases.
  • Chip cards already are in use around much of the rest of the world and have been shown to reduce point-of-sale fraud.

TERMS & CONDITIONS APPLY.  To learn more, refer to the UChoose Rewards Terms & Conditions at  Valid on personal accounts only. Point values subject to change. 
* UChoose Rewards and the UChoose Rewards Program are not available to Rebound Checking customers.
The terms and account agreement that govern your debit card do not change when you add your Macatawa Bank debit card(s) to a mobile wallet (the Wallet®). The Wallet simply provides another way for you to make purchases with your Macatawa Bank personal, business or Health Savings Account debit card(s). Any applicable interest, fees, and charges that apply to your Macatawa Bank debit card(s) will also apply when you use the Wallet to access your Macatawa Bank debit card(s). Macatawa Bank does not charge you any additional fees for adding your Macatawa Bank debit card(s) to the Wallet or using your Macatawa Bank debit card(s) in the Wallet. The Wallet provider, and other third parties such as wireless companies or data service providers, may charge you fees. Macatawa Bank is not the provider of the Wallet, and we are not responsible for providing the Wallet service to you. We are only responsible for supplying information securely to the Wallet provider to allow usage of the Macatawa Bank debit card(s) in the Wallet. We are not responsible for any failure of the Wallet or the inability to use the Wallet for any transaction. We are not responsible for the performance or non-performance of the Wallet provider, or any other third parties regarding any agreement you enter into with the Wallet provider, or associated third‐party relationships that may impact your use of the Wallet. If you have any questions, disputes, or complaints about the Wallet, contact the Wallet provider using the information given to you by the provider. If your question, dispute, or complaint is about your Macatawa Bank debit card(s), then contact us at: (877)820-2265. 
2 Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone and iPad are trademarks of Apple, inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.  Apple Pay and Touch ID are trademarks of Apple Inc 611-1524648-COL 03/15.
Google Pay is a trademark of Google LLC. Android, Google Pay, and the Google Logo are trademarks of Google LLC.  
4Samsung Pay is a registered trademark of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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