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Online Banking FAQs


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Online Banking 

How do I see my bank statement inside of Online Banking?

First, you must have previously enrolled in eStatements to view your statements inside of Online Banking. If you are enrolled in eStatements, select “Statements” under Online Services in the menu. Once on the Statements page, select the account for which you would like to view a statement for and the date of the statement from the drop downs. Then simply click Get Statement and a PDF of your statement will open.

How do I enroll in eStatements?

To enroll in eStatements, please navigate to Statement Preferences in the menu under Settings. You will need to verify that you can open and read a PDF and accept the Terms and Conditions. You will be able to select which accounts you would like to receive eStatements for.

What if I forgot my password?

If you forget your password please contact our Customer Experience Team at (877) 820-2265, via the chat icon on our website or visit a branch during normal business hours.

I’m locked out of Personal Online Banking, what can I do?

If you forgot your password and haven't locked yourself out of Online Banking, you can use the Forgot Your Password option in the login box to reset your password. Please contact our Customer Experience Team at (877) 820-2265, via the chat icon on our website or visit a branch during normal business hours.

What if I forgot my Login ID?

Please contact our Customer Experience Team at (877) 820-2265, via the chat icon on our website or visit a branch during normal business hours.

How do I transfer money between my Bank accounts when I’m in Online Banking?

You can navigate to the Funds Transfer page by selecting Transfer under Pay & Transfer in the menu. You can also select the Transfer Money Now link in the right hand navigation. Once at the Funds Transfer page, simply select which account you would like the transfer to come from and where you would like it to be deposited. You will select the dollar amount the frequency of the transfer and the transfer date. Once you have verified you have everything correct, simple click Transfer Funds. Transfer limits apply and may vary. 

How do I enroll in Online Banking?

You can enroll by clicking the Enroll Now link on the Online Banking  page or in the login dropdown. You can also contact our Customer Experience Team at (877) 820-2265, via the chat icon on our website or visit a branch during normal business hours.

Do I have to sign up for Mobile Banking?

If you are enrolled in Personal Online Banking you have access to mobile banking. Simply download the Macatawa Bank app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store and login using your Personal Online Banking credentials. If you have not enrolled in Personal Online Banking yet, please visit the online banking page to get started.

Is your app available on any third party app stores?

No, we exclusively publish our app on Apple's App Store and the Google Play Store.  You may find a "look alike" app on a third party app store, but that would be the work of fraudsters, designed to steal login credentials.  If you have downloaded a "Macatawa Bank" app from a third party app store, please call us immediately. We can help you reset your password and verify all of your recent transactions.  

How do I inquire about a transaction?

Look to the right of the amount of the transaction you have a question on, click the ellipsis (three horizontal dots) and select “Ask a question”. A form appears that is self-populated with the transaction number. Please include your question and any other relevant information regarding the transaction in question. You can also include attachments in your message to us.

Should I register my device?

If you normally use the same private device to access your online banking, registering the device will save time in future logins. Do not register a browser if it is a public or shared computer.

How do I place a Stop Payment on a check?

To stop a payment on a check, navigate to Stop Payments under Online Services in the menu. Complete and submit the required information in the form. You have will have the option to Stop Payment on a single check or on multiple checks in a consecutive order. For multiple checks not in consecutive order, you will need to complete and submit the single check form multiple times. For all other stop payments such as ACH or Bill Pay, please contact our Customer Experience Team at (877) 820-2265 during normal business hours.

How do I export history into Quick books, Quicken or other accounting software?

You can export transactions from the Account Details page to a file format that you select. Click the export icon and then select an export format from the drop-down list. Depending on your browser settings, the file will either automatically save to a folder or will prompt you to specify where you would like the file to be exported.

If you are still having trouble downloading transaction, go to Tools > Account List > Edit the account > go to the Online Services tab. If it says “Your financial institution supports an improved connection method. Click here to find out more and get set up.” Then click the link and follow the instructions to see if it resolves the download issue.

If you would like to narrow your results, you can do so by either searching transactions or using filters.

Currently the export feature is available in online banking, but not in the mobile app.

Can I reorder checks online?

Yes, you can place a check re-order inside of Online Banking by navigating to Reorder Checks located under Online Services. For initial check orders, please call our Customer Experience Team at (877) 820-2265 or stop by the location nearest you during normal business hours.

Can I use touch authentication to access the Macatawa Bank mobile app?

If your mobile device has a fingerprint sensor and is operating on a supported OS version, you can log in using your fingerprint. You will need to set up fingerprint authentication on your device prior to logging in and only one fingerprint can be registered to an account.

On the login page tap Fingerprint, then Enroll Now. On the authentication page, enter your Login ID, Password and tap Authorize, then place your finger on the home button to capture your fingerprint.

Note, touch authentication is tied to your online banking password. If you change your password for online banking, you will need to disable fingerprint authentication and then enable it again with your new password.

How do I hide or unhide accounts from showing on the Home page?

You can change the account visibility by visiting Account Preferences under Settings in the menu. Click or tap the account you would like to show/hide, use the Account Visibility toggle button to change the Account Visibility.

Can I find my entire account number in Online Banking?

Yes, when you are on the home page, click on the account card you would like to view the Account Number for. Once your account page loads, select “Details” to see your account number.

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Secure Access Code

Do I have to get a Secure Access Code every time I sign into my Online Banking account?

You need a Secure Access Code (SAC) when you login for the first time or the first time from any new device. You can choose to register your device when logging in so a SAC will not be required every time you access from the same device. For security reasons, even if you register your device you will periodically need to complete the process again. If you delete cookies you will also need to provide a SAC.

My contact information for Secure Access Code isn’t correct, what should I do?

You may update your Secure Delivery information inside of Online Banking. Navigate to Settings in the menu, then in Security Preferences select Secure Delivery, and then update your contact information. You may also stop into the location nearest you for assistance. 

This only changes your contact information for delivery of your Secure Access Code.  If you would like to change your contact information on file with Macatawa Bank for statements and other communication, please contact our Customer Experience Team at (877) 820-2265.

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Browser and System Operating Requirements

What browsers can I use to access my Online Banking?

Our Online Banking works with Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Edge. Internet Explorer is not supported. Note:  If you use Safari and Bill Pay, you will need to take additional steps.  (see below)

I am using Safari but having issues with Bill Pay.  Any suggestions?

If you choose to use Safari, you will need to enable pop-ups and uncheck (disable) cross-site tracking.  When you are done with Bill Pay, you should restore your original settings (recheck the boxes).

How do I disable & re-enable pop-ups and cross-site tracking in Safari?

To disable (prevent cross-site tracking) open Safari menu and select preferences and then click on the Privacy tab. Uncheck the Prevent cross-site tracking check box and close the preferences window. 

To allow pop-ups open the Safari menu and choose preferences, click on the Security tab.  Ensure the block pop-up windows option is not checked.  Unchecking this option will allow pop-ups.  To block pop-ups again, you would check the block pop-up windows check box.

Are there mobile device operating system requirements for the App?

Yes, there are minimum requirements for your mobile device.  You can view the compatibility and operating systems requirements in the App Store or Google Play Store.

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Grouping Accounts

How do I group my accounts?

You can use the Account Grouping feature to categorize accounts on the Home Page, both internal accounts and external accounts that are aggregated with Financial Tools. If you are using a mouse, click an account card, holding the mouse button drag the card to a new location and then release the mouse button. On a mobile device, tap a card and drag it to a new location and lift your finger to drop it in the desired location.

To create a new account group, click and drag an account card to the New Group icon that appears in the lower-right corner of the screen when a card is being moved. When the card is dropped on the New Group icon a field appears. Enter the name for the new group and click the check mark button to save the changes. You can easily rename a group by clicking the pencil icon to the right of the title. Simply edit the name and click the check mark button to save any changes.

How do I remove accounts from groups on the home page?

Simply drag the account card out of the Group. If you remove all account cards from a group, it will ask you to confirm you want to delete the group.

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How do I set up Alerts?

You can set up alerts by navigating to the Alerts page located under Online Services in the menu.

What type of alerts can I set up?

You can set up Account Alerts, History Alerts and Online Transaction Alerts.

How do I enable Push Notifications?

Either tap “Allow” to “Turn on Security Notifications?” when prompted at first login or go to Online Services > Push Notifications to enable.

Why am I not receiving my Push Notifications?

Push Notifications are enabled for a specific user on a specific device. If you’re not receiving Push Notifications confirm that your user ID has enabled Push Notifications both within the app and on that particular device. You can check this within the app under Online Services > Push Notifications and for your device under the Settings menu.


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Bill Pay

Do I need to enroll in Online Bill Pay?

No, Online Bill Pay is part of Online Banking. You don’t need to do anything additional. You can just start using it.

How do I setup a Bill Pay payee?

Once logged in to Online Banking, select “Bill Pay” to enter the Payment Center, next select “Add a Company or Person” and follow the steps provided.

How do I change or cancel a payment?

You can change a payment that has not started processing from the Bill Pay page. Navigate to the Bill Pay area and locate the pending payments area on the right side of the screen. Next locate the pending payment you would like to edit and click either change or cancel and follow the prompts to complete your desired change.

How do I get to Bill Pay in Online Banking?

Navigate to Bill Pay in the menu. This is located under Pay & Transfer. 

I have other questions about Bill Pay that aren’t listed here, where can I find help?

The Bill Pay “Help Center” is a great place to learn more about our online bill payment service. Log in to Online Banking, navigate to the Bill Pay page and select “Help Center” from the menu. If you don’t find what you need, please reach out to our Customer Experience Team at (877) 820-2265 or via the chat icon on our website during normal business hours.

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Mobile Deposit

How do I deposit a check via the Macatawa Bank mobile app?

Inside of the Macatawa Bank Personal Mobile app, tap “Deposit Check” in the menu. You will select the account where you would like the check deposited, enter the amount of the check. You will then need to take a photo of both the front and the back of the check. Once happy with the images, simply select “Submit Deposit”.

Is there a fee to use Mobile Deposit?

No, there is not a fee to use Mobile Deposit, however, standard data rates may apply from your Mobile Carrier. Is there a limit to the amount of a check I can deposit using mobile deposit? Yes, deposit limits vary by customer and your personal limits can fluctuate over time.

Do I need to endorse the check differently when I deposit via mobile?

Please endorse the back of the check and include “For Mobile Deposit to Macatawa Bank”.

What should I do with the check I deposited?

After you receive confirmation from us that we have received the image you submitted, we need you to hold the check for at least 30 days. After 30 days, you should destroy, write VOID, or otherwise properly render it incapable of further deposit/presentment.

When will the funds deposited through Mobile Deposit be made available?

Generally the funds will be made available within three business days from the day of deposit (5:00 pm EST cut-off time to be considered day of deposit). However, in some cases there may be a delay due to things such as an error in the transmission or the check requires a hold.

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Activity Center

What is the Activity Center?

The Activity Center shows details for all transactions that were created inside of Online and Mobile Banking, including recurring transactions & deposits made via Mobile Deposit.

What can I do in the Activity Center?

You can sort, search, filter and manage transactions from this page. You can change what transaction details appear on the page by selecting up to six fields. Options vary by transaction type.

You can also use the Activity Center to view or cancel a transaction that has not yet completed processing. Note, if you want to cancel recurring transactions, please be certain to initiate from the recurring transactions tab. If you cancel a recurring transaction from the Single Transactions tab it will only cancel that one specific transaction, not the entire series of recurring transactions.

Can I edit transfers in the Activity Center?

You can edit future-dated single transfers, recurring transfers, or the next scheduled transfer of a recurring series if you have rights to edit the transfers.

How do I edit a transfer in Activity Center?

Once on the Activity Center page, search for the transfer you want to edit. You can click filters to refine your search. Once you locate the transfer, click or tap Actions>Edit. On the Edit One-Time Transfers screen, make desired changes to any information related to the transfer, then click or tap Transfer Funds

If you have selected a transfer that is part of a recurring series, you can toggle between editing just the next occurrence or the whole series.  You can do this from the notification box located at the top of the screen.

If you would like to edit a recurring transfer, once in the Activity Center click or tap Recurring Transaction tab. Use filters to refine your search to locate the transfer you want to edit. Click or tap Actions > Edit Series, make the desired changes and click or tap Transfer Funds.

Note, Same Day ACH fees may apply to external transfers edited on the day they are scheduled to draft.

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Card Swap

What is Card Swap?

The easy way to update your card information for online shopping, streaming and subscription services. It takes the hassle out of  having to update your payment information on sites like Hulu, Amazon, Spotify, etc . Once you've added your Macatawa Bank debit card, you can update all of your payment information simultaneously with a single tap. 

When would I use Card Swap?

If you get a new card to replace a lost or expired card that you used for online payments for places like Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, etc.  Card Swap saves the time and hassle of visiting each company's site and allows you to make all of your card updates in one place

How does it work?

Once logged into Online Banking, navigate to Card Swap in the menu under Online Services and select Get Started. Choose the online vendors where you have subscriptions or services. (You’ll need your subscription login IDs and passwords) Enter your Macatawa Bank Rewards Debit Card information and verify your card. That’s it. Card Swap will automatically replace the card that’s on file with your merchants.

Does the payment information get updated immediately?

Your new payment information is automatically verified and applied to your subscription/service accounts within 24 hours. Does it cost anything to use Card Swap? No, Card Swap is a free feature that is offered through Macatawa Bank Online Banking.

What if I can’t remember my login credentials for a particular company?

Click the Get Help link near where you enter your credentials. You will be redirected to that company’s site to get help resetting your password.

Do I need to do anything else?

Payments will continue to happen automatically unless you change your username or password with the merchant.

When I get a card with a new expiration date will it auto update Card Swap?

No, but all you need to do is simply update your card information and all of your linked merchants will update at one time.

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Customer to Customer

What is Customer to Customer?

Customer to Customer lets you make a single transfer to another Macatawa Bank customer (for deposit purposes only). You just need their account number, account type and their last name.

Can I set up recurring Customer to Customer transfers?

No, Customer to Customer is for single transfers. If you would like to set up recurring or future dated transfers, you will need to link the other account. Once linked, the account shows as an option to transfer funds.

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Financial Tools

What is “Financial Tools” inside Online Banking?
The Financial Tools function allows you to manage your big financial picture.  It helps you to budget and manage your finances by aggregating all of your accounts across multiple financial institutions.  You can see all of your balances and transactions all in one place, on any device. 

How much does ‘Financial Tools’ cost? There is no cost for you to use Financial Tools. This is an added service that Macatawa Bank has purchased for you. 

How do I add a new account to Financial Tools? Once enrolled, click or tap the Link Account button above the first account group on your home page.  You can click or tap the financial institution you want from the list or you can type the name of the Institution in the search box.  Simply click on the Institution to select it.  Provide your online banking credentials for the Institution and click continue.  If the financial institution requires multi-factor authentication, you will be prompted to supply more information to complete the login.  Simply repeat these steps to add additional accounts.

I’m having trouble linking an account to Financial Tools, what do I do? Verify that your credentials work for the other financial institution’s account. Verify you are entering the correct one-time passcode or challenge question.   If it works, but still doesn’t work here, check your other institution’s setting inside of their online platform.  Some institutions require you to enable 3rd party aggregators in their settings or to accept additional Terms and Conditions through either their Desktop or Mobile app.  If you continue to have issues, please reach out to our Customer Experience Team at (877) 820-2265 or via the chat icon on our website during normal business hours.

Why do I keep having to enter my username and password for my linked accounts?  Some financial institutions require more frequent verification and one-time passcodes.

How do I categorize a transaction? When viewing your transactions for an account, to the right of the date of the transaction there is an icon.  Simply click the icon and select a new category from the list.  That’s it. 

What are Visible versus Hidden settings?  When you add a linked account in Online Banking you have the option to select Visible or Hidden.  If you select Visible, the account appears on the Home Page, and you can access the details about it.  It also appears on the Account Preferences page, and you can edit the nickname, change the order in which the account appears, etc.

If you select Hidden, the account does not appear on the Home page. It appears in the Hidden section of the Account Preferences page, where you can modify its visibility if you change your mind.  If an account is hidden, you cannot edit the nickname or reorder the account and it will not be included in your Financial Tools calculations.

How do I change the name of a transaction in Financial Tools? When on your account transactions page, tap or click the transaction.  A drop down will appear, and you can edit the Online Description by selecting the pencil icon.  Simply enter the new description and tap or click the checkmark to save.

Can I export data from Financial Tools (PFM)?  Yes, you can export some Contextual PFM data if it is available.  This includes categories and other available transaction data from aggregated accounts. Export formats include comma-separated values (CSV) and Excel (XLS).

To export data:

  1. On the Home page, click or tap a linked account.
  2. Click or tap the export icon.
  3. Select the export format. The file will automatically download to the default folder.


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