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6 Good reasons to switch to e-statements

Too much mail?
Time to turn off paper statements

Do you have a pile of unopened “important” mail stacking up? If you receive paper statements for all of your financial accounts, the paper trail can pile up quickly. Making the switch to e-statements can help you get organized and keep your financial information safe.

Here’s how it works: At the end of each statement period (monthly for checking, quarterly for savings) you’ll get an email stating that your e-statement is ready to view through our online banking portal. Your e-statement includes the same information as your paper statement, and you can view 24 months of past statements online or download them to your computer.

Here are 6 reasons to switch to e-statements:

  1. Check your accounts at a glance.

    You can keep a closer eye on your account balances and transactions. Simply log in and view your e-statements in just a few clicks. Also sign up for financial alerts from Macatawa Bank via mobile or email. 

  2. Reduce clutter.

    With electronic storage of statements, your statement history is archived securely online. You can view your statement history online without digging through a pile of papers.

  3. Monitor for fraudulent activity.

    Check your e-statements right away instead of waiting for paper statements in the mail. With less lag time in reviewing statements, you monitor your accounts and identify fraudulent activity more quickly.

  4. Protect your information.

    When you turn off paper statements, there’s no risk of your financial information getting lost or stolen through the mail. Macatawa Bank has online security features, including multifactor authentication, to protect your information online.

  5. Go green for the environment.

    Choosing e-statements conserves paper, trees and the fuel that would’ve been used to deliver a paper statement.

  6. Get our Rewards Checking account

    with no monthly fee when you sign up for e-Statements. It’s an easy way to get a free checking account. 

Make the switch

Streamline your finances and help the planet, too! Simply select e-statements when you log in to online banking, or call us at (877) 820-2265 for assistance.

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