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We've been helping local businesses stand out since 1997. 

Difference makers.

At Macatawa Bank, our business leaders are local, we live and work right in the communities we serve. We know West Michigan because it’s the only place we do business. At Macatawa Bank you get a trusted business advisor when you bank with us. You get to know your banker personally – someone who is as focused on your business success as you are. Find out what a difference it can make for your business to work with a true community bank.  

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What our customers are saying.

Choosing a local bank has made a positive impact on our customers. See for yourself what they are saying.

John Leese title=

Harvey Automotive

"I purchased the Harvey Automotive Group in 2002 from my father in law and Macatawa Bank has been with me the whole time and provided the financing that we've needed then and over the years. Macatawa Bank is unlike any other bank that I've ever experienced in my working career or personal career. Good people attract good people and that's what Macatawa has done over the years. They've attracted the best people in the banking industry to be part of Macatawa Bank. They're very people oriented. They treat people like you want to be treated. They offer suggestions, they offer help. They want to do business with you. It's a different breed of banker.”

John Leese

JamIn DeJong title=

Tender Lawn Care

"We wanted a partner that was big enough that we could be confident in, but yet small enough where the relationship mattered. Macatawa bank was able to take the time with us and find a solution that would be a good option. Macatawa Bank has been there every step of the way and around every corner that we've had to turn. We've had great support. As a company that provides service or is a service business, we try to know what good service looks like and how that operates. And I was impressed that Macatawa Bank valued that as well. They're based right here in West Michigan. And so the people you work with, the dollars you spend are staying here in West Michigan.”

Jamin DeJong

Mandi Brower title=

Quality Car Wash

"Our two big services from Macatawa Bank is our 401k and we also recently boarded our HSA program and they've made it so simple for our team members. The team has been fantastic. They take the time to personally invest and meet with each of our team members to help them make sure they're making the best decisions. Macatawa Bank is a great community supporter and I've personally been with Macatawa Bank for a very long time. Our big white hat is serving communities and it's great to partner with a financial institution that sees that same value in communities.”

Mandi Brower

Seth Weener title=


"Resthaven is local. We serve our community here in Holland and I see that in Macatawa Bank as well. I think that's important, that commitment to the community. 

I think the customer support is just incredible. When I pick up the phone to call somebody, I know I'm going to have a familiar voice on the other side. Likewise, if I go into the local branch, I know I'll see a familiar face as well. That's a real differentiator to me with a community bank and something that I've really come to admire."

Seth Weener


Kool Automotive Group

"When you're looking at a bank to use, you want a bank that you can see yourself in. And with Macatawa we've always felt that way. I mean with the relationships, with the size, with the locations, it's really been something that makes it very, very convenient, especially when you have different rooftops and different departments; everything needs something different. And to be able to do all of those things with one bank is fantastic."

Matt Kool


DK Security

"Whether it's a quick question or if it's a bigger issue, we don't want to call a 1-800 number. We want to be able to pick up the phone and talk with our commercial banker, and that's the case with Macatawa Bank. Whenever we need something, they've been there for us."

Johnny Kendall

Scott Dennis, Rapid Shred Owner

Rapid Shred

"They made the process so simple as we expanded, and they have the size to be able to handle our expansion across the state, but they're still the same people that we're dealing with here in Grand Rapids and Holland."

Scott Dennis

Louie Cares owner of Sheldon Cleaners

Sheldon Cleaners

"The people at Macatawa Bank make it easier for me to run my business. Macatawa Bank’s values align with ours at Sheldon Cleaners. Like us, they are a West Michigan business. They care about our community, and they care about our success -- as much as we do."

Louie Cares

 Brett VanderKamp, President and Co-founder New Holland Brewing, sitting in front of wooden barrels smiling

New Holland Brewing Co.

"It is beyond helpful to work with a bank that has an experienced staff who provide excellent customer service. There are a number of challenges that crop up daily when you operate a business. It is beyond helpful to work with a bank that has an experienced staff who provide excellent customer service. Macatawa Bank is dedicated to our company's health. They are quick to listen and offer sustainable solutions that ensure our company's growth and future success."

Brett VanderKamp

Pon-A-Hill Nursery flower garden

Pon-A-Hill Nursery

"Macatawa Bank continues to support local area businesses and I believe it has helped create a broader awareness of the locally offered goods and services. I sense a trend in keeping dollars in the local economy In this way, Macatawa has helped my small family owned business gain more visibility and awareness in the community"

Robert LaLonde

close up of drill screwing on clamp over piece of Aluminum roof
in circular frame

Arrow Roofing and Supply, Inc.

"Looking back, Macatawa Bank's employee's have clearly been the key difference in building our positive relationship. In March of 2002 we made the decision to switch to Macatawa Bank. It ended up being a great business decision. Looking back, Macatawa Bank's employee's have clearly been the key difference in building our positive relationship. Since day one their attentiveness to our changing needs as a customer, and their willingness to familiarize themselves with our business, has made our banking relationship second to none. Arrow Roofing has been exceptionally pleased with Macatawa Bank and would strongly recommend them."

Curt Konkle

outside street view of CB DeKrone, Inc. building on a sunny day in circular frame

C.B.DeKorne, Inc.

"The one main reason I bank with Macatawa is personal service. During the Great Recession, my loan officer was more of a business consultant than anything else. She gave me advice that was difficult to hear, but was exactly what was needed at the time. Money is a commodity, but personal service defines my experience with Macatawa."

Jeffrey Byl

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