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New Business Online Banking FAQs

Find answers to popular questions about the New Business Online Banking. 


Is there a web page that outlines the enhancements?

 Yes.  You can view the enhancements by visiting this page.

When will I be able to use the new system?

 The new system is scheduled to go live on Nov 16th

How often do I have to update my password?

At this time,  passwords do not expire.

How much transaction history is available online?

There will be 18 months of transactions online

Can deposit tickets be ordered through Online Banking?


Do Remote Deposit Capture users have to be Online Banking users to process deposits?


If I was the Supervisor on the old system will I still be a Supervisor on the new system?


Do I need to do anything differently when I log in? 

You will need to enter a secure access code that is delivered to your choice of phone call, text, or email. We recommend that you make sure your contact information is up to date in online banking.

Do I have to do anything for my non-supervisor users?

You will want to verify that their permissions stayed the same.

How do I access Positive Pay?

 You can access through the Positive Pay link in the menu

Will all my information/users/templates be transferred from the old system to the new system?





Will my ACH templates from the old system be transferred into the new one? If so, how?

 Yes. They will show under the Templates section of the selected transaction type.

Where do I approve my ACH transactions?

In the Activity Center. Transactions pending your approval will appear on your home page with a link to the Activity Center where you can review and approve the transactions.

Who can approve ACH transactions?

 Any user that has been given the Approve permission and rights to see the transaction.

What is the difference between Payroll and ACH Disbursements?

 Payroll is used for payments to individuals only. ACH Disbursements allows for payments to individuals (choose PPD) or to businesses (choose CCD). Our user guide outlines the difference for payments to individuals in more detail but mainly Payroll allows for payment splits to multiple accounts where ACH Disbursements does not allow splits.

Can an employee have their direct deposit made into multiple accounts?

 Yes, up to 3 accounts total.

When sending a file, do I still need to provide the transmittal information?

 Yes, via fax or email.

Can I create a template for wires I send frequently? 


Can an alert be set up to automatically be sent to the secondary approval user when an ACH is issued? 

The drafting user selects which approver(s) receive notification at the time the payment is drafted. They can also request a notification for themselves to confirm when the transaction is approved.

How far in advance can I initiate an ACH transaction?

There is no limit to the time frame in which payments can be setup in advance

Can I set up recurring ACH transactions?

If so, in what frequency (weekly, monthly, first Friday, EO Wednesday, specific date, etc.)?  Yes. 1st of the month, last day of the month, 1st and 15th of the month, 15th and last day of the month, daily (Monday – Friday), weekly, every other week, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and yearly

Where do I find my ACH Returns and Notifications of Change?

ACH Returns and NOCs can be found under the Commercial menu. From there select ACH Reporting Files

International Wires

How do I access International Wires?

International Wires can be found under the Commercial menu of Business Online Banking. International Wires can only be accessed through online banking.

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